more on celebs & their weight…

good evening everyone! i'm running a little behind tonight - i saw a screening this evening of that edith piaf biopic la vie en rose which was simply amazing - the actress who played ms. piaf - marion cotillard will get nominated for an oscar - no doubt - she was brilliant! expect a full post about the film before it lands in NYC, LA and SF next friday - june 8th!anyways we've got one more tabloid cover for this week - another from the UK - below MORE

cher vs portishead mashup!

good morning! even though i had off on monday - this week has been dragging - anyone else agree? i need the weekend again! anyways this week's mashup from DJ paul v. is a smooth one - using a song that was way overplayed and mashing it up with a song that doesn't seem to match upon initial thought - but just have a listen below! of course i'm a huge cher fan but i also LOVE portishead - their '94 album dummy is one of the best! popbytes over & MORE

anyone else watching ‘on the lot’?!?

hey hey! oh please tell someone else is watching on the lot over on FOX?!? it's a new reality show where aspiring filmmakers are competing for a one million dollar movie deal with dreamworks! each week the director hopefuls will be making short films - which we get to see & vote on every monday evening (they have online voting too...much easier than picking up the phone) the results are announced on tuesday where the bottom three are booted off! MORE

Is Nicole Richie … pregnant?!

UPDATE - JULY 3 '07 so national enquirer was right all along - nicole richie is pregnant with boyfriend joel madden's baby! they were first on the story almost six weeks ago with the cover below! today in touch magazine confirmed the news - but the enquirer totally broke the story first - everyone was in complete disbelief but they do actually get it right sometimes...kudos to david perel and his team! (i can't imagine ms. richie being a mom MORE

jen aniston’s $5 million tell-all…

hey hey! poor jen aniston is still being put through the ringer over her split from brad pitt and him then taking up quickly with angelina jolie - seriously all that stuff is in the past but i guess it makes for a good cover - below is the latest from STAR magazine which features ms. aniston's supposed $5 million dollar tell-all (i'm assuming a book unless she's going spill the beans at some college commencement) yes their split was fascinating & MORE

and now a word from britney spears…

good evening! today britney spears put pen to the paper and wrote us all a letter which was posted on her website - it's a little lengthy but i'm trying to get where she's coming from - her intentions seem good but the proof is always in the pudding! at least she's one gal who can claim herself as 'DUI free' - if you have the money - you get a driver! the next note britney pens needs to include some info about her new single - that's the pudding MORE

nicole richie – now wasting away in the UK…

good morning! back to the grind - and back to some tabloid stories going around this week! the brand new cover of UK's closer magazine features nicole richie and her ongoing weight battle which seems to be a story that just won't go away - hopefully she'll deal with whatever issues she may be having at the moment including dealing with her estranged mom! (at least last night's season premiere of the simple life was quite funny - i told myself i MORE

enter to win ‘rescue me’ goodies!

anyone else for the upcoming 4th season of rescue me?!? (premiering wednesday june 13th @ 10pm) of course with the show being on FX (one of my fave cable networks) and stars the always awesome denis leary - it totally gets a spot in popbytes' lineup! i was asked if i wanted to include my readers in on the chance to win a 'rescue' bag o' goodies (aka an urban survival pack) of course i said yes! it's pretty simple - just click here or the banner MORE

into the ocean

hey hey! although it's memorial day i've got to carry on with my latest 'monday .mp3' selection and this week i've picked something a little bit different than stuff i normally listen to...i kept hearing this song on the radio (98.7 out here in LA) and i had no clue who sang it but i really enjoyed the track everytime it came on! after a bit of research i finally found out the song was into the ocean by blue october off their fifth album foiled - MORE

PopBytes loves Karen Black!

hey kids! i was thrilled this afternoon when i got to see legendary actress karen black (join her on myspace) perform live on stage in a new play/musical called missouri waltz (which she also wrote!) down at the blank located on santa monica blvd at wilcox (a simply adorable little theater that has been up & running since 1990) i've been a huge fan of hers as long as i can remember - i saw burnt offerings & trilogy of terror back in the day and MORE

lindsay lohan scores herself a DUI!

hey hey! it sounds like lindsay lohan found herself in a bit of trouble early this morning when she was cited for a DUI - the scoop below is direct from tmz & splash news just posted video of the scene! lindsay lohan was cited for investigation of driving under the influence saturday and was slightly injured when her mercedes struck a curb, police told the associated press. lohan, 20, and two other passengers were in her 2005 mercedes sl-65 MORE

eve – tambourine – video

hey hey! i just watched the new eve video for her single tambourine (off her upcoming new album here i am dropping august 7th) damn it's a hot one - i had to post it here ASAP - she looks way fierce! right now i'm freaking out a bit - my dog parker had to get his teeth cleaned this morning - and they had to put him under to do the job - i'm sure he'll be fine but the whole thing makes me nervous - oh good times! he'll be happy when it's over MORE

once (sounds like a kick-ass movie!)

good morning! finally it's the end of the week - i've got a few fun things planned and one of them is to take my ass to see once (join the film on myspace) which is a small budget irish film ($150,000 - now that's a really small budget!) that has garnered tons of acclaim & great reviews - even picking up the 'world cinema audience award' at this year's sundance film festival - the film also has an incredible soundtrack featuring both actors in MORE

rumors about the MTV movie awards

hey everybody! the MTV movie awards are just around the corner - hosted by one of my favorite people ever - sarah silverman - she's hysterically funny - i totally dig her style although she'll have to tone down her usual schtick a drop - it certainly won't be like when she hosted the IFC spirit awards (watch her opening bit) where she got way sassy but i know ms. silverman will do a kick-ass job - plus she's got her trusty dog doug by her side! MORE