martha stewart gets her pussy costume on!

oh our martha stewart loves halloween too! there she is below in her pussy cat costume - once i saw these pics i just knew i had to post 'em here - i almost didn't recognize her! and do you all know why she has that sly grin on her face? it's because her talk show got picked up for a third season! take that donald trump! woo hoo for my gal martha! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo! Photo Credit: Anders Krusberg/MSLO On today's Halloween MORE

courtney love – pop magazine!

UPDATE here are some of the pictures from inside the magazine... hey hey! i'm all behind because of my lame net outage this morning (screw time warner cable) i even woke up early to get my post on but alas my plans were thwarted! so i'm on my lunch break and i was thrilled to see my darling diva courtney love looking oh so crazy sexy cool on the cover of pop magazine (which seems to be a UK publication) i simply cannot wait to get a listen to an MORE

a scissor sisters giveaway!

good morning everyone! happy halloween! oh i was all stressed out this morning (i know popbytes stresses too much) but my internet was down until about 830am! so i'm sorry for the light posting this morning! but it being halloween i thought it would be a perfect day for a fun cool i have two sets of scissor sisters prizes (listed below) and i'm looking to give the set to two lucky readers! all you have to do is answer the trivia MORE

Reese & Ryan get their 7 yr itch on!

yes yes yes! it's true after seven years of wedded 'beautiful people' bliss talented reese witherspoon and hottie ryan phillipe are calling it quits! the news broke earlier today but i figured i would post tonight - it's just another failed hollywood marriage! am i surprised? hardly - am i a bit sad? ok yes - i really did like these two as a couple and both are stunningly gorgeous and i'm sure their three two children will grow up just as pretty MORE

pussycat dolls – wait a minute – video

good evening everyone! ah yes more new videos premiering today! below is my ultimate guilty pleasure (although brooke hogan is gaining on them quickly...) it's the pussycat dolls with their new video for wait a minute...enjoy! popbytes over & out for now - xxoo! MORE

diddy & xtina – tell me – video

ah this just in - it's the new diddy video featuring christina aguilera for the song tell me (off his new press play album) which i just spotted over at oh no they didn't - it's an ok video - the song is probably the only reason to pick up the new diddy album - he's not horrible just not my cup of tea...popbytes over & out for now - xxoo! (thanks to jon who just uploaded a more HQ version) MORE

pink copies & strikes again!

hey boys & girls! now i do love pink but this is the second time i've had to post about her copying / borrowing / stealing (take your pick) from another artist...last time it was the now deceased new zealand artist martin f. edmond and her u + ur hand video - this time los angeles based band powder has taken note that a lot of their stage show looks & ideas have popped up in pink's shows after they already were performed by powder! you can read MORE

Christopher Lee and Hammer Dracula films!

hey everyone! so my good pal nathaniel over at film experience organized another blog-a-thon (last time we all did michelle pfeiffer) this time in the spirit of halloween and all things creepy & scary - it's a vampire blog-a-thon - i was all stressed out since i love vampires and the whole dracula story but i wasn't sure what i would feature... then it hit me over the head - like a hammer...ah yes i've got it...christopher lee as count dracula MORE

pinkett-smith or lohan?

many thanks to my good pal joey who sent these two images my way...when she saw jada pinkett-smith wearing that dress below - she was all 'i think i've seen that dress before' and alas she did...lindsay lohan was wearing it on the cover of instyle magazine! it's a cute dress so i can why it's popular but isn't that usually a bad thing when two girls have the same dress? hopefully those two didn't cross paths while wearing the same thing! popbytes MORE

brazilian girls’ jique

good morning everyone! i'm running a bit behind today - i took the day off from my regular job just because i felt like it! every now & again i love to take a random day off! anyway this week's featured 'monday .mp3' is the brazilian girls and their hot song jique which is off the bands latest album talk to la bomb - it's a little bizarre but mixed with a ton of fun! MORE

whitney houston – ready to kick ass!

oh this just made my day! it's ms. whitney houston looking quite clean & sober at the 17th carousel of hope ball which took place last night in beverly hills! it's a semi-annual event that raises money for childhood diabetes - ms. houston was escorted by the ultra classy mr. clive davis who has been working with whitney since she was sixteen and now is leading her hopefully triumphant comeback! sometimes i have to ask myself 'did she really leave MORE

nelly furtado – all good things – video

hey everyone! i finally got out of the house and picked up a brand new vacuum cleaner - i really needed one - i found this cool futuristic looking one (not a dyson - i'm sorry but those are too expensive) over at bed, bath & beyond over on sunset & vine (of course i had one of those always popular 20% off coupons) so i came home - hooked it all up and started to get my vacuum on and it was great but i got bored rather quickly (it seemed all fun MORE

oh janet jackson & her big cat

hey boys & girls! are y'all having a spectacular weekend so far? there was some protest or march here in hollywood (don't ask me what for - i haven't a clue) which created a traffic nightmare right near me so i just stayed local and got some much needed cleaning done! (well to be perfectly honest it was more like straightening up which is always more fun than 'cleaning') anyways it looks like janet jackson has been really keeping herself busy MORE

the banned dixie chicks ad!

good evening everyone! gosh there's even more controversy for my dear dixie chicks who have a new documentary film out called shut up & sing which covers the whole natalie maines' comment at a UK concert in 2003 about president bush and the huge very unnecessary backlash that quickly followed! well now it looks like NBC doesn't want to air the commercial for the film (which is posted below along with the film trailer) CBS is the only network on MORE