star jones & her loose head

oh i know everyone has posted about star jones at the emmy awards this past friday night but i just could not resist jumping in on this one! i really don't give a shit about her BUT i am very concerned that her head actually may fall off! she is all out of proportion - looking more bizarre and thin day by day...i swear the way her head is fitting on her neck & shoulders is really odd - lookin' like just one screw pops outta that neck and her head MORE

chelsea handler rocks!

hey everybody! i wanted to bring to your 'pop humor' attention a new truly hilarious new show over on E! called the chelsea handler show - you might know ms. handler from the hidden camera show girls behaving badly which is a total hoot - i love hidden camera shows! well chelsea got all high & mighty and nabbed her very own show that airs friday nights at 10.30pm! first off i loved her on 'behaving badly' and now she brings her dry kinda messed MORE

EXCLUSIVE PIC – new david blaine stunt!

keep scrolling for the latest updates... April 28th UPDATE! hey kids - this just in! here is a popbytes EXCLUSIVE 'first peek' picture of the upcoming new david blaine stunt that is due to air on ABC on may 8th (this is the latest in a long crazy line of previous stunts & tricks) david will attempt to hold his breath for nine minutes - hoping to set a brand new world record! this part comes at the end of being submerged for seven full days - he MORE

daytime emmys ’06 pics!

hey kids - so tonight is the daytime emmy awards over on ABC tonight - you all know i am huge fan of daytime - i live for starting over and my soap days of our lives - and of course i enjoy oprah, the view, ellen and so on...i wish i could watch daytime TV all the time but alas popbytes must work - enjoy the pics i just snapped below - i was lucky to catch hotties ricky paull goldin & cameron matheson! and then i caught rick springfield doing a MORE

michael m does the beat – so hot!

hey boys & girls! i am thrilled it's friday and to make the day extra special below find the radio mix of michael m's new hot dance single the beat - a totally smokin' song that even contains a classic MJ guitar will know it as soon as you hear it - so please have a listen! the entire single full of dope extended remixes is due to be released may 1...more information can be found over at where you can also MORE

michelle pfeiffer is an amazon woman!

hey kids! so this post is part of film experience's michelle pfeiffer blog-a-thon - mr. nathan (the man behind the blog) absolutely loves michelle and in honor of her 48th birthday this saturday (april 29th) he took it upon himself to organize a bunch of us bloggers to all do a post on this amazing actress! so i thought NOT to head to the obvious hits (we all LOVE batman returns with her as catwoman, or in dangerous liasons, scarface, the age of MORE

rosie will co-host the view!

is it true? will funny lady & gay activist rosie o'donnell be replacing meredith vieira on the view? that is what ExtraTV is claiming! oh my word - i like rosie but oh the view will never be the same again...i wonder how high the gay factor will go up once rosie joins - don't work our 'agenda' too hard girl - we have to ease everyone into it - ha! whatever i don't mind rosie at all and now we won't have to deal with patricia heaton's MORE

madonna confessions tour setlist!

ok so maybe everyone knows these details already but i hadn't so thanks to ms. rebekah over in the UK (oxford) for sending this bit of info my way! madonna's confessions tour starts less than a month away and i just got an email that my tickets were being printed & sent - woo hoo! may 24th here i come! i will say the setlist sounds hot - of course it's very heavy on her latest material and that's just fine by me - and holy crap - madonna singing MORE

hey baby walk this way…it’s a mashup!

hey kids it's thursday and yes it's mashup time! we are entering our third week of mashup mixes here on popbytes! the column is a huge hit and feedback has been great! up at bat this week is a super hot one - no doubt vs. aerosmith with hey baby walk this way - i love it! next week DJ paul v. is going to be picking something super fresh & new - we just had to throw it back a bit to get this party started - much thanks & love to our mashup MORE

angelina gets ‘most beautiful’ cover

this friday PEOPLE magazine will release its annual '100 most beautiful' list and who is on the cover you may ask? well of course they just had to put angelina jolie on the cover! she is so hot - gay/straight/bi/whatever - she is one hot lady! gosh it's so funny...the only person that has inspired so many comments & debate here on popbytes is my dear angelina - just check out some of the comments - people actually wrote essays & one gal even MORE

goodbye idol pickler! phew!

ha! damn i am SO glad kellie pickler left idol tonight! i was getting really worried that she would stick around! so now i can rest easy and she can take her dumb ass back to where she came from & see if that prom dress still fits! oh i don't mean to be harsh - i am just way over her - especially after last night's horror performance! so now we are down to the top five! it really is almost anybody's game at this point - i could see each of these MORE

brad & angelina go out of africa!

i just had to mock-up the poster below - all this talk of brangelina taking up in africa - got me thinking of one of my favorite romantic films - 1985's out of africa! so i thought i would have a little photoshop fun with this you have STAR magazine claiming they will actually name their baby africa...i kinda doubt they would name the baby that BUT is is a very cool name! (i so bet it is a boy - what do you think?) so enjoy my tweaked MORE

ray wise on hollywood blvd

hey kids - so radio personality & journalist dan avey got his star today on the hollywood walk of fame - and i was running behind so i missed the ceremony but as i was heading home for lunch - i spotted one of my favorite character actors ever - mr. ray wise - who you all might know from 24 but he will forever remain 'leland palmer' to me - you know 'laura palmer's' dad on our beloved twin peaks - so i just had to snap a few pics! oh he is so MORE

star goes hollywood crazy!

good morning everybody - below is the latest cover of STAR magazine & it's all about hollywood gone crazy - they sure have that right! is tom cruise really the father of katie's new baby girl? i have a sinking feeling for suri he actually is...if it isn't him please just don't let it be xenu! we need to see pictures of this baby ASAP...gwyneth paltrow was super quick to show off moses martin (what a cute name - such a future rockstar!) so i hope MORE