lily allen – singing ‘littlest things’ live!

hey kids! oh my gosh - 2006 is almost over! someone sent a tip this morning on the youtube video below of my lovely lily allen singing my favorite song off her album alright, still (out in the US on jan 30th) entitled littlest things which she performed on december 16th over in the netherlands on top of the pops! ms. allen looks so cute - i love the small sticker stars she placed on her face and her shoes are to die for! no word yet on lily's MORE

my super sweet sixteen returns…

hey kids! so when did 'sweet sixteen' parties become so damn lavish? i don't know if you've watched my super sweet sixteen over on MTV but it's one of those shows that you can't help but watch - all of the girls are a bunch of spoiled bitches who don't appreciate's fucking insane how much money is spent on these dumb ass parties! anyways check out the trailer below - the new season starts on jan 15th (the day before my birthday!) MORE

gisele bundchen gets her french vogue on

hey kids! yes it's the last weekend of the year - and i thought since my last post was a bit on the heavy side (oh hussein) i felt like i should lighten the mood around here on popbytes - andv who better to do that than sexy brazilian supermodel gisele bündchen gracing the cover & pages of vogue (the french dec/jan issue - i'm not sure on the year - they might be old - i'm sorry if they are) i'm sure many guys will appreciate the fact that MORE

saddam hussein has been executed

yes it's all over for saddam hussein...the story just broke - you can read more over at CNN (or AP on yahoo) either way you feel about the whole war over in iraq - you have to admit that saddam was a very evil & bad man...there's no question about that! (even though i don't support the death penalty - this seems like an exception - he got what he deserved) it all seemed to happen so quick - i figured this whole ordeal would drag on for a while MORE

popbytes’ top ten fave albums of ’06!

good morning everyone - oh yes it's the very last friday of 2006! i'm so looking forward to '07 - i've got a few plans in the works and i'm feeling really positive at the moment! i finally finished my top ten favorite albums of the year post (ok i kid you not - from start to finish through all the hemming & hawing - this post took close to eight hours!) i'm not a music critic by any means - these are albums (like last year) that found themselves MORE

brazilian girls – jique – video

good evening boys & girls! i've been so busy compiling my top ten albums of the year post - and it should be up tomorrow morning but here's a sneak preview - yes the lovely brazilian girls and their killer album talk to la bomb have made the cut! i'll explain in more detail tomorrow...but check out their video for the single jique which blends a bunch of live performances together! lead singer sabina sciubba is the coolest! (again special thanks MORE

no more burger king for jennifer hudson

hey kids! i think hands down the best inspirational feel good story of the year for sure belongs to the amazing jennifer hudson who kicked ass in the big-screen adaptation of dreamgirls - yes beyonce may be the 'star' but it's hudson who walks off with the film in her back pocket! it wasn't my favorite film of the year (i'm still not sure which film that'll be i think babel is coming close) but watching ms. hudson simply nail the part of 'effie MORE

a james brown mashup…

good morning! so i emailed my pal DJ paul v. last night - asking him what hot mashup he'd selected for us this week...of course when i woke up this morning and discovered he had picked a james brown mashup - i was thrilled! he always manages to keep things timely & relevant - one thing i'm definitely thankful for this year is paul v's mashup column! i think everyone will totally enjoy this mashup plus it's a perfect nod to 'the godfather of soul' MORE

nicole is half an inch wider than mary-kate…

good evening everyone! so yeah it's looking like mary-kate olsen is becoming too thin once again (she did a stint in rehab back in '04) it does suck for her to be splashed all over the tabloids but if the 'attention' does help to spotlight the problem and she does need to head back to rehab (her publicist claims all is fine) then i say a little tabloid drama is worth it! (plus being a billionaire - at least she has the money to deal with the MORE

britney spears…a bloated sexaholic?!?

why did this all have to go so very wrong? britney spears quickly became the top 'messy messerson' of the year...even though she was a late entry into the game! once she ditched kevin federline - the gates were swung wide open (along with her legs) and britney came out racing/partying like we've never seen before! this week STAR magazine is concerned that britney could be a sexaholic - with those outfits she very well could be! at least we don't MORE

STAR on mary-kate @ 80lbs…anorexic?

good morning boys & girls! so it looks like nicole richie is off the skinny hook and in her place - we've got mary-kate olsen looking scary at only a mere 80lbs! below is the latest cover of STAR magazine which features mary-kate and her new awful blonde hair - but that's the least of her problems - when i saw these pics last week - all i could look at was her hair - it's so wrong on her - i didn't even notice how thin & fragile she was looking! MORE

gerald ford – RIP

the 38th & only unelected (thanks to tricky dicky) president of the united states gerald ford (who endured two assassination attempts!) passed away at the ripe age of 93 (just like reagan) he was also president when i was born back in '76 (oh my word i'll be 31 in a few weeks!) so i don't remember much from back then but i've always had a fondness for his wife - the drama ridden betty who issued the statement below...oh my gosh deaths really do MORE

funniest commercials of ’06!

good evening! even though most of us probably skip commercials while watching TV (god bless tivo delay) there were a lot of fun & clever ads over the past year - the good folks over at TBS tossed together a little special (totally worth watching) to commemorate the funniest commercials of 2006 which premieres tomorrow night! make sure to stop by over at to check out a bunch of hilarious ads (you must watch this one) two of my MORE

dirt premieres in one week!

hey kids! as the whole holiday vibe carries on until next week - television has been looking a little dreary these days but all that changes next week as we head in '07! the first great new show to kick-off the new year is dirt which starts over on FX one week from tonight! i was so lucky to watch the first three episodes already - at first it was a bit awkward since it's a new show and it took me a little time to get into the characters but by MORE